Summer Camp

Summer Camp Promotes Healthy Development 

At JT Summer Camp, we are proud to say that our camp participants enjoy several benefits from spending their summer holiday with us. Through our structured program, the community we create is one that promotes healthy development, daily interaction, and self-reliance.

Camp participants can leave this experience having gained confidence, intellectual maturity, and a sense of belonging. These are skills each child or teenager can use for the rest of their lives.

JT Camp offers an experience that encompasses everything participants need to get the most out of their summer and utilize their new skills to their advantage, even outside of summer camp.

One important part of the curriculum at JT Camp is our sports and activities offerings. The variety of sports and activities to choose from is designed to get participants active, involved, and to help them learn and improve a skill they’re interested in.


JT Camp also does its part to encourage participants to unplug from technology. These days, it seems we all have some sort of attachment to our electronic devices, and we tend to overlook the things that once provided great joy. Taking a step away from technology can help camp participants explore creative outlets and get to know their peers and new activities.

Throughout the mix of structured and unstructured time at JT Camp, it is our hope that camp participants will make new friendships that last a lifetime. With so many diverse nationalities joining at our camp, it’s a chance for camp-goers to learn about other cultures and lifestyles, and increase their global awareness.

Summer camp is more than just outdoor activities or a trip abroad – it’s a complete experience that makes us all better people.