Sports Camp & Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Our Sports CAMP, Activities, and Dining Offerings Promote Leading a Healthy Lifestyle 

Leading a healthy lifestyle is all about balancing physical exercise with quality, fresh foods, and participating in activities you love. At our sports camp in Switzerland, we embrace and encourage this lifestyle balance in our daily routine and offerings for all camp participants.

We offer a variety of different sports for all to take part in, including football and soccer to basketball and tennis, among many others – whether it’s to learn something new or perfect an existing skill. Participating in sports builds a sense of team, promotes confidence, and improves physical health.

Outside of sports, we also offer an extensive list of different activities for camp participants to get involved in. These activities range from theatre and song to painting and sculpture just to name a few, in hopes of encouraging creative thought and a sense of accomplishment.


Of course, participating in sports and activities helps children and teens to grow in many different ways, but it also continues one of our goals to help them unplug from their devices and to get involved with the people and happenings around them. Being present and aware of the beautiful world around us seems to be a thing of the past and we want to bring that sense back to those who join us at JT Camp each summer.

We take pride in the food prepared and served on our tables here. Our Head Chef has extensive experience in many different styles of cuisine and pleases the palates of our international guests with family-style served lunch and dinners. Our well-balanced menus ensure that courses always consist of fresh and local products. JT Camp never serves pork and insists on using only fresh vegetables and fruits. Learn more about our dining options.