HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy

HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy

Chalchera, 7551 Scuol

Education. Sports. Nature. Where your future begins.

Our tradition, our commitment.

Founded in 1793, the Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) Swiss International School and Sports Academy is an open-hearted campus community where young people from around the world can thrive in the sublime, health-giving environment of the Swiss Alps at 1700 meters. An education at HIF is aimed at equipping our students with the knowledge and personal skills to navigate the educational and professional challenges of the 21st century. At HIF young people thrive as they discover their individual talents, develop their intellectual and personal potential and learn to appreciate the benefits of an active outdoor life.

HIF caters to students in school years/grades 7 to 12 with a passion for sport and strong academic ambitions. They can combine competitive or leisure sports with an international academic programme. Sport, a core element in HIF education, promotes health and well-being but also resilience, self-discipline and team spirit – vital qualities for future leaders.

Learning at HIF goes beyond the walls of the classroom. In an atmosphere marked by its tolerance and vitality, our boarding house team provides pupils with supervision, support and care around the clock, in matters of academic or personal importance. We support the desire to perform and aim to awaken and encourage enthusiasm for life and learning. Our boarding house residents develop their sense of responsibility, open-mindedness and creativity.