Holiday Language Courses

Students of all Levels will Benefit from our Holiday Language Courses

At JT Camp, we are proud to welcome more than 25 different nationalities to our camp each summer. We also offer several holiday language courses of all levels to our campers in hopes they’ll end the summer being able to communicate in new ways.

We welcome all language levels, from very beginner all the way to advanced in French, English, Spanish, and German. A placement test at the start of camp ensures campers will be in the correct class.

One benefit to learning a new language is the ability to speak to more people! And, the sooner you learn a foreign language, the more time you’ll have to practice and perfect it. It may sound odd, but it has been proven that children who learn a second language tend to improve their grammar skills in their native language, too.

Children through the age of 8 have been known to soak up a second language easier than older children. This is because they are less-attached to their native language and are open to learning and repeating new sounds.


Studies have shown that people who know more than one language have an easier time focusing on other tasks. On top of that, it has been proven that high school students studying a foreign language perform better on standardized tests.

Another benefit of learning a second language (or even more) is that it creates greater cross-cultural understanding. At JT Camp, this is very important to us as we host so many diverse participants, and we hope to foster lifelong friendships across country lines. Read more about our summer language courses.