Unique experiences in Switzerland

Aside from offering a variety of sports and activities to our campers, we also provide the opportunity to go on excursions at no extra cost.

We offer a weekly 1-day excursion, including some to famous sites in Switzerland such as Luzern, Ascona, Zurich etc.

Each excursion has its own “style”, from active to visits, and some reserved for youngsters or teenagers.


Around the middle of July, we offer the option for in-house campers to go to Zermatt Glacier to learn how to ski. JTCamp is the only summer camp that offers an excursion such as this one!

There’s no better time than summer to start enjoying the slopes. Campers can take the cable car up to 3,800 meters above sea level and learn how to ski right next to the famous Matterhorn. This excursion is meant for all campers, even first-timers who may have never seen the snow!

The excursion is five days long, which includes four days of skiing. This excursion is organized, supervised, and monitored by our JTCamp staff. The same level of service applies during this excursion as it does on our campus. We take pride in holding ourselves and our camp to the highest standard of quality, and this includes our hotel stay, cuisine, and accommodations throughout the excursion.

This truly is an amazing experience for all campers!


Please note that this excursion is only offered for in-house campers and cannot be taken independently. Ready to register for a summer at JTCamp? Check our dates and rates and start your application today!