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Application & Payment

1. Complete the online or paper application


Download the Application Form

Currently the online application is de-activated to allow us more flexilbity in your booking process, including payment and cancellation terms. 

Day camp options - please click here

You may directly proceed with the down-payment of 1500.—Swiss Francs per child, per stay (no matter the duration). You may pay online or by bank transfer or by transferwise.

Kindly note that all payments by Paypal are subject to a 5% fee and other credit card might also be subject to a fee.

5. Enjoy JT Camp!

Apply online in 2 easy steps

Or apply through our Paper Application

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Pay outstanding amount or send pocket by credit card


Pay by bank transfer using transferwise

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Download our bank details

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At any time, you can login to your Personal Space to:

  • Print important information such as clothing list, address, schedules, etc.
  • View your invoice
  • Pay the residual amount online by credit card or print banking details
  • Get in touch with us (e-mail, skype, phone, fax, etc.)
  • Amend details

Paper Application

The paper application can be sent to us via fax, scanned and emailed, or sent by mail.




7062 Passugg - Switzerland

Fax: +41269150509