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1. Complete the online or paper application

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You may directly proceed with the down-payment of 1500.—Swiss Francs per child, per stay (no matter the duration). You may pay online or by bank transfer or by transferwise.

Kindly note that all payments by Paypal are subject to a 5% fee and other credit card might also be subject to a fee.


2. Once we have received your application, we will confirm back to you and send you an invoice deducting any deposit you have made.

For first timers, we require a simple email or letter of recommendation from a school or sports club that your child has attended. It can be in any language.

For first timers, we also require a medical form – this is very important should there be any issues or an accident. If you do not have access to your physician, please complete the form yourself to the best of your knowledge and sign it, just add the remark “Parent signed”.


3. Two months (60 days) prior to arrival, please make sure you have completed the full payment of the fees. The latest deadline is 40 days, past this deadline we reserve the right to cancel the application.

Once the full invoice is settled, we can issue, upon request, a visa invitation letter. Email invitations are free, physical invitation are charged.

We do not issue “Vouchers” or any kind of “Booking confirmation” automatically, but we can send you one if required. Otherwise, your invoice has the proof of dates, insurance and stay confirmation (for border immigration purposes, for example).


4. Closer to your arrival date, please inform us if you require transport to and from Zurich Airport (shared shuttle) or a private limousine or a helicopter. We can also buy train tickets for you or reserve a rental car.

If you are staying for a few days in the area, or taking part in the Day Camp, please reserve your accommodation with one of our partners. We can put you in touch with the reservation department or a travel agent if needed.


5. Enjoy JTCamp!

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At any time, you can login to your Personal Space to:

  • Print important information such as clothing list, address, schedules, etc.
  • View your invoice
  • Pay the residual amount online by credit card or print banking details
  • Get in touch with us (e-mail, skype, phone, fax, etc.)
  • Amend details

Paper Application

The paper application can be sent to us via fax, scanned and emailed, or sent by mail.




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